It feels these days that a personal online presence is a given. The Facebook data breach scandal that's been all over the news these past few weeks made me think back to a get together I had with a friend at the beginning of the year. The chat, a few pints and possibly even a shot deep, … Continue reading Xennial


Following my post a while ago moaning about rush hour and commuter etiquette, the most common feedback I received was an almost exacerbated: "You’re afraid of zombies?!?’.  The fear is realSad but true, I have a vehement and unique distaste for decaying boogeymen, but not all monsters or the undead make me as skittish. I’m not attracted to horror films … Continue reading Kinemortophobia

Kenny and the Exisential Penguin

Henry Rollins. The formidable hardcore punk singer, actor, prolific writer and almost constant traveler with an insatiable curiosity. On Friday night we had the opportunity to enjoy another of his talents, master storyteller. Punk heroThe National Geographic Society is not the typical choice for a Friday night. The elegant Ondaatje Theatre was host  to his latest … Continue reading Kenny and the Exisential Penguin

Ducks in a Row

Vergenoegd(roughly translating to ‘far enough') is a well-established wine estate in the Stellenbosch region outside of Cape Town. A short drive from the city, it still made me chuckle to see the film studios at the freeway turn off with the to scale ships used as sets (for shooting the pirate television show Black Sails) raised, 'dry docked' and looking strangely … Continue reading Ducks in a Row