Give It A Name

These are strange times indeed; who could have predicted a virus would have us all hiding indoors, effectively cancelling everyone's year and bringing distress, hardship and grief to many. The surreal has become routine and the uncertainty is cultivating the best and worst of human characteristics with seemingly no middle ground. I've managed my own … Continue reading Give It A Name

Dry Season

It was a beautiful winter’s day last Saturday; the sunshine, clear sky and still crisp air created perfect conditions for a walk. It was glorious to feel warmth and explore parts of East London I hadn’t seen before, at least not in the daylight. It was a joy to pause and take the time to … Continue reading Dry Season

Festive Cheers

This time of year overindulgence is endorsed; December is practically battered and deep fried in it. There is also an expectation among the feasting and partying to go hard, go big, no liver shall remain untested. I have been that person, pushing the limits because it was sanctioned by continuous festivities, encouraged by the dangling … Continue reading Festive Cheers