Under the Stars

A friend of mine once told me she loved attending events on a Sunday evening because she feels she’s extending the weekend, making the most of her time. I was inclined to agree since I often find myself spending half of my Sundays contemplating the impending responsibility of Monday and the upcoming week’s potential deadlines, not the best … Continue reading Under the Stars

The Crow of Grief

Leaving the Barbican Centre last Friday I was shaken, a little broken and feeling the need to meditate to regain my centre. I had just seen Enda Walsh’s adaption of Max Porter’s book: “Grief is the Thing with Feathers”. Never before have I seen the tricksy beast that is grief so accurately, uncomfortably and viscerally manifested. … Continue reading The Crow of Grief

Super Nature

The start of December has unleashed the annual onslaught of festive decorations including trees, lights and those familiar yet annoying songs incessantly pumped out of shops and into our subconscious. The constant exposure to merriment is infectious, but the knowledge that the year is drawing to a close and a break is approaching makes finding … Continue reading Super Nature