No such thing as a free cupcake

First day back at work after a glorious sunny long weekend, enough rain has fallen today for me to consider building an ark for tomorrow’s transportation which has somewhat discoloured my mood. On the plus side though it’s a relatively quiet day in the office.

Good news rolled in after lunch. One of my colleagues celebrated a birthday over the weekend and brought in cake for us to enjoy. Cake. One of the best words in the entire english language. Feeling inspired I put the kettle on and selected a delicious looking specimen of a cupcake for an early afternoon tea.

I pinched a little piece of toffee off the top, but a revelation awaited as I peeled away the paper casing. The smell wafted up with the grace of a hippo in ballet slippers. It was a banoffee flavoured cupcake. My sworn enemy, right under cardamom, on the list of naughty ‘No-No’ flavours. It just does not compute.

My face of course, cannot move since said bringer of cupcakes was in my eyeline and I wanted to appear excited about my choice and his generosity. There was no turning back … The first bite had me hiding behind my monitor – I tried to cram the biggest mouthful in first since it was only going to get worse. Launch straight in for the second bite, the feigned enjoyment on my face now turned to resentment. I wanted to laugh at how ridiculous this was, but then wanted to cry when I saw there was more demon cupcake to consume.

I completed my mission and slugged down the rest of my coffee like a woman possessed. Feeling like I achieved something, I was glad I sent my colleague a thank you email (including the word ‘scrummy’) before tucking into that misguided treat. Next time I’ll pick the dodgy looking purple one…