Uninvited Guests

Returning to the normal routine after a month long holiday in the sunshine has been quite a bit of a challenge for me. Watching my tan slowly fade, travelling to and from work in the dark and occasionally snuggling up to a hot water bottle have all reminded me of what a fantastic time I had in Cape Town in December.

In my absence there has been so much rain in the UK that not only have there been extensive floods but the ground remains totally waterlogged accompanied by a general feeling of constant damp in the atmosphere. Wonderful motivation for getting into the swing of things at work in January.
Whilst I am warm and dry inside my flat I haven’t really spared a thought for all the creatures outdoors also dealing with harsh weather conditions. This was made evident to me by the increase in spider sitings in nooks and crannies at home – namely daddy-long-legs. Harmless but still creepy. I almost shrieked when I reached for my toothbrush the other morning to find one had decided to hang out right next to it. A handy box of lozenges brought across with force connected the squatter to the wall, and that was the end of its days.

I do credit the species with introducing me to one of my best friends years ago when I moved to London. I was spending my first night in an overcrowded house share, struggling to sleep in an unfamiliar environment on a leaky inflatable mattress. I heard smashing and bashing and what sounded like a phone conversation in the small room next door. As the noise persisted, I heard a man’s voice in a mild panic exclaim ‘Oh! Not my laptop!’ followed by a thud, which lead me to the conclusion that this drama was being played out in real time. Dragging my cow pyjamas out of bed I opened the room door to find Shane, in a towel, standing in the middle of his room spinning in circles. I asked quite plainly if I could help, to which he replied with one word – spider. Before I could laugh one of those big gangly rain spiders ran across his doorway between the two of us. I picked up a shoe that was within reach, which had been previously thrown I think, and slammed it down on the offending arachnid. Shane and I exchanged numbers and have been acting like a married couple ever since.
Spiders can be dealt with, however whilst doing a bit of sewing on Saturday afternoon I noticed a little pair of eyes checking me out from underneath my cupboard. Low and behold I have a tiny mouse. A very brave and clever mouse, but an uninvited guest nontheless. I live on the first floor, I haven’t a clue how he got in, and he doesn’t seem to be that afraid of me as proved by the ‘afternoon stroll’ he seemed to take between my cupboard and my bed.


Darting for cover

Shane decided to name him Fallidio. Fallidio’s time in Flat 2 is shortly to come to an end, that’s if the rent payer has anything to do with it. It is now my mission to catch the bugger – watch this space.

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  1. Use the sticker traps. Inhumane, but boy do they work. Then you don't have to worry about a poisoned mouse dying somewhere where you cant find it.


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