On Saturday I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite South African comedians perform in London. Marc Lottering has been making us all chortle with his observations and characters for years and has firmly placed himself in the minds and hearts of many, especially Cape-tonians. 

I remember seeing him perform a show at the Baxter theatre back home. It was themed on family photographs and he shared personal childhood memories as well as taking photos of himself with the audience (before selfies were standardised). 

The opportunity of seeing him again in my adopted home town was such a treat. I joined a couple of other saffa friends and we excitedly chatted in the bar foyer of the Soho Theatre in Dean Street. The familiar sounds of ‘local’ accents and Afrikaans being spoken all around us making the experience more nostalgic. 

I wondered what Marc would speak about and which of his famous (some notorious) characters make an appearance? I was most looking forward to hearing what Colleen (everyone’s favourite permanent casual till worker) had to say and of course Merle Abrahams (the meddling dame) from Belgravia Road. 

Entering the intimate theatre, the audience snuggled up tight on the unallocated benched seating, I was reminded of family trips to the Grahamstown Arts Festival when I was in school. The warm memories further lifting my mood, emphasised by the playing of Pharrell’s iconic song ‘Happy’ as we settled down. The song continued to play as Marc danced onto the stage with great energy, his trademark beaming smile and a suitcase. 

We were so treated. I shrieked with laughter throughout his performance, and I’m delighted to say that Merle and Colleen both made an appearance, as well as Galatia (pop star wannabe) and Smiley (taxi driver) to name just a few. The show was themed around the characters being at the airport which segued seamlessly into his comparisons of life back home in South Africa and visiting the UK which were on point, relatable and delivered with effortless wit. 

Completing his show on a positive note, he reminded us to simply love one another. Not only had I almost laughed myself hoarse, but he had ultimately left us feeling really uplifted, and so proudly South African. 

He had also mentioned that he would be hanging out in the theatre bar after the show and my inner fan was delighted at the chance to get her ‘stalk’ on. As promised he surfaced and I took the chance to interrupt his conversation and gush like a fool at how fantastic he was. He graciously agreed to a photo with myself and Brent which was thrilling – and even retweeted the pic after I posted it on Twitter which made me feel like a celeb too! Very cool indeed.

I know that he will be bringing this show back to the north in August, I shall definitely be going again.