The Tip of Matilda’s Iceberg

It’s not uncommon for the banter in a particular group chat I’m in with friends on WhatsApp to venture into the topical. In among the memes, meet up arrangements and band recommendations appear occasional news articles and even calls to protest. One buddy recently messaged about a lecture she’d attended given by Caroline Criado-Perez speaking about her … Continue reading The Tip of Matilda’s Iceberg

Dog Beach

Moving is the only time I seem to clear out unnecessary stuff; not that I’d call myself a hoarder, perhaps more of a sentimental ‘just-in-case’ keeper. Living in shared houses and studio flats meant my space was always quite limited, but moving into a bigger flat a few months ago gave me an opportunity to … Continue reading Dog Beach


I've not been well this week, which means none of the half written posts I have are approaching completion. Normal service should resume shortly, but until then I thought I'd share a poem I wrote. I started performing spoken word poetry towards the end of 2018 and have thoroughly enjoyed it; the audience don't seem to mind either so … Continue reading Interstitial