Over four decades ago, a Mexican anthropologist was returning from a conference when his plane was hijacked. Although a harrowing experience, the incident fuelled Santiago Genovés to further investigate aggression and violence in human behaviour. What resulted has been called one of the strangest experiments ever conducted. Genovés constructed a raft measuring 12 x 7m … Continue reading Adrift

Fun Facts

The fire alarm has been screeching out false alerts in my building for weeks now. At random and inconvenient times I’ve been shaken awake or disturbed mid dinner by a sound so loud it travels through one’s body, deafening all the senses. I’m glad to know the alarm system works, but not glad I had to chat … Continue reading Fun Facts

Super Nature

The start of December has unleashed the annual onslaught of festive decorations including trees, lights and those familiar yet annoying songs incessantly pumped out of shops and into our subconscious. The constant exposure to merriment is infectious, but the knowledge that the year is drawing to a close and a break is approaching makes finding … Continue reading Super Nature