Who Am I?

I was meant to see Les Mis with B over the weekend but the timing was off so we had some good girly catch up time instead. After discussing work, relationships, finances and everything in between I really recognised my luck. As an odd duck I realise I am not everyone’s cup of tea which is fine by me, because despite this I have some really good friends surrounding me. Thick and thin.

My birthday is coming up in six weeks, yes it’s a while yet, but age suddenly adds a lot of weight for me. An extra 5kg per year…for now. Being single, comparing my perceived achievements against others and just being hard on myself in general has left me feeling quite deflated lately.

In this week I have had amazing news, not only has my residency come through, but one of my dearest (whom has been in Durban since July) may be back home very soon. The lease on my flat has been renewed and my job is quite secure so what can I complain about?

I attended the second session of my philosophy course earlier today and was confronted by the all intimidating ‘who am I’ question. (The title of this is meant to reference Jean Valjean…) A fascinating discussion resulted in an after class chat with a fellow philosopher and a mental stimulation that’s been absent for a couple of years. That should all be enough, right?

I should learn to let go of the labels. Not the ones given to me by others, but the ones I give myself. Sister, daughter, aunt, friend, PA, tenant, local loud/crazy chick – all of these I can do, but what am I to me?

Dum dum dum…