Being my own Step 8

I was sharing this blog with some friends this week. I sent them a link in an email and titled it ‘Narcissistic Waffles’ since that, in essence, seems to be what is happening here. As soon as I sent the email I started craving waffles. I could smell them and taste them which made my brain meander onto the thought of standing at a counter (imagination stretches to Milky Lane for those from South Africa with memories as old as mine) and ordering Narcissistic Waffles. What flavour syrup would be on such a waffle? There will most definitely be nuts though…
Following this tangent I realised I hadn’t written on this page in a while and it’s probably because I’ve been feeling really happy lately. I find it easier being descriptive about ponderings of an inquisitive nature or if something perplexes/bothers me. Happier times are like the moment a cork pops out of a Prosecco bottle. There is that instant recognition of celebration and warmth with the promise of effervescence and joy to follow, a hope if you will. I don’t like to study the happiest moments too much because that destroys the magic in them.
I have been blessed in this last week by being able to heap a lot more of these moments into my memory due to my birthday. The outpouring of affection from all over the world and the great night out with friends have left a buzz humming around me still, almost a week later. The dreaded feeling of being older has dissolved and I’m actually feeling more comfortable than before. As I’m settling into this decade of the 30’s I’m realising its bark is far worse than its bite. The growing self assurance is most welcome and the weight of worrying about unnecessary crap is continuing to fall. I am making amends within myself and making peace with myself.
Discussing the topic of ‘beauty’ in my course last week, another member of the group sitting behind me made a comment that she didn’t think beauty was there to be analysed, just enjoyed. I couldn’t agree more. The daffodils are popping up out of the ground like nature’s Prosecco corks and spring will be here soon. Bring on the next chapter!