Bette Davis’s birthday

She would be 105 today – that would have been the least of her worries if she had watched the news with me last night.

There are a few things driving me to distraction right now, all of which I am trying not to think too hard about because of their anger inducing qualities. Kim Jong Un acting the fool, shocking violence reported from Burma, the Philpotts being used as examples of ‘welfare Britain’, it’s still snowing…in April and I missed a sing along screening of Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night. Bugger.

Instead I thought I’d post a little creative piece I scribbled down last night whilst failing to fall asleep. What do you think?

Rolled up in scandal,
Smelling the blood.
Paper mâché heart.
Electric pulse
Fly in the milk.
Paper mâché smile.
Child posing as man,
Sad state of affairs.
Paper mâché sway.
Mirrored panels shake the stage,
Toxic whispers whine.
Paper mâché feet.
Nothing new since ’79.
Top hats and collared shirts,
Paper mâché fate.
Ape the master,
Paint their dream across our eyes
Paper mâché cell.