The Bone Cave of Kabayan – Part 2

The cave itself is quite small. A group of ten would fit but not without hitting a spider or three – of which there were plenty hanging around. The skulls were all laid out on steps inside the cave and mostly leg and pelvic looking bones piled in the right hand corner.


Macabre display

Equally creepy and humbling, this experience has raised many questions as to the how, the what and the why of this odd collection. It was surreal in a cartoon sense staring at these remains, making jokes about the position of some of the skulls one minute but then remembering these were all human beings.


Neat arrangements

They had lives and families and hopes and dreams like the rest of us. Somehow they are now all piled up in the back of someone’s garden awaiting only the most determined of visitor to perhaps ask the right questions and find them. I couldn’t help but ponder that this was the ultimate fate awaiting all of us, and we should make the most of our given time, which I think we did on that warm day in December.




A painted sign at the entrance

We made it back to the van depot before the actual van which made me happy. We sat in a contemplative mood while we waited, I think trying to digest what we just saw. Our little adventure took us about 45 minutes (and eight hours of van time) but I feel something inside me has changed. Perhaps not changed, but shifted. Don’t ask me what, I have no answer, but I can only comment that there’s nothing like a bit of travel to gain some perspective.


Contemplative walk back to the depot