A few weeks ago, while at my desk, I felt a dull ache in my right elbow. Figuring I was maybe leaning on the wooden surface too much or in an odd way, or I’d manage to knock my elbow somehow, I thought nothing of it. Having experienced dull rheumatic pain in the past, aka my body having a moan at me for no real reason, I didn’t take much notice. 

I had forgotten that this had happened before; occurring in waves, my arm subsequently felt a bit ‘lame’ and pathetic. I have previously written this off to too much mouse handling and/or tiredness. I noted to myself that I should probably drink more water. 

This most recent niggle however had escalated from an annoying ache to an occasional sharp shooting pain radiating up my forearm. This new sensation caused me a little alarm so I did what any sensible person would and Googled my symptoms. 

According to the internet in all its infinite wisdom, I have golfers elbow. I’d previously only heard of tennis elbow, but the difference is ‘golfers’ feel pain from inflamed tendons on the inside of the elbow, whereas the tennis variety is felt on the outside. (‘Useful’ fact for the day)

Its definitely a real thing…
Considering I have played neither golf nor tennis recently I was confused. It turns out one of my hobbies is to blame.

Summer is birthday season among my friends and I had been busy making a collection of knitted toys for gifts as well as preparing a stash in advance of Christmas. Time being of the essence, I’ve had to progress these projects consecutively whenever I’m home and without much rest.

I love it though, making these little buddies brings me as much joy as gifting them so crafting them doesn’t feel like work at all, but it seems the repeated motion has angered my tendons. 
Some of the guilty creatures – much cuter than golf clubs
Considering my wrists have always been a bit feeble this (albeit self) diagnosis has left me feeling rather pathetic in general; a bit like the Scarecrow from the famous 1939 Wizard of Oz film when he’s released from his pole and wobbles comically onto the yellow brick road as he struggles to regain the proper use of his legs. 
My probable expression of realisation – Ray Bolger as Scarecrow
While this is not the end of the world, and not another Funny Bones, it does mean I need to put the needles down for a while and not be so ‘reckless’ in my activity. I didn’t realise you could go too wild; better shelve that knitting party idea… Rest, ice and massage are also recommended treatment methods, I’ll just move back onto the cross stitch for now. 

My hobby has done me a mischief! I can’t believe I’ve managed to sustain the most ridiculous strain. It’s embarrassing, but at least it has a name.

Crafts gone wild